What if you could get more ZEN in your life?
For leaders who want to gain balance and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Mental freedom is not just about making it through a day calmly. It is about approaching your workday stress-free, and guess what, you can only achieve this with a clear mind.

What if you could master your mind?

Learn how to master your mind in 30-days with just 10 minutes a day

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I am ready to master my mind 

I know what you're thinking, I can get an APP for that? However, have you tried to meditate before using an APP and thought this is not working and meditation is not for me...Sound familiar?

I know I felt this way too... Even though Apps are great, they don't always give you the support and guidance to keep practicing. You can sit there, trying to figure it out on your own, getting more and more frustrated.

This picture may look cool, but before I learned the MAX MEDITATION method, I was just sitting there stewing in my thoughts...and who has time to find a temple?
It is so much better to learn how to relax at home and with only 10-30 minutes a day.

This was me until I was introduced to the MAX MEDITATION Method by Sarah Hauch, an international meditation teacher. I was trying everything to meditate...it was stressful.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want more peace and calm in your day
  • You want to stop being stressed
  • You want more time back in your day
  • You want to be more mindful of your morning routine
  • You want to relax and find peace of mind
  • You want to handle stressful situations with ease
  • You keep telling yourself you don't have time to meditate

This was me

I used to tell myself I didn't have time to meditate. I was a Vice President of a retailer with two children, managing my time as a single mum and leader, working out and seeing friends...How could I find the time?

However, the problem with this mentality is meditation actually gives you back your time and energy in your life, not the opposite. As a single mum working a busy retail job, I didn't have a lot of time and energy. However, when I found meditation and put it into practice, my life and career improved

I was promotoed, asked to speak at conferences, and since started my own business...and yes, meditation and mastering my mind helped me achieve this.

I stopped being just busy and got intentional. Most successful people attribute it to some kind of mindfulness practice. I needed an easy way to relax so my mind could be free of the chores and start creating. We all need to find balance and not let our job rule us.

 "I had the privilege of learning the Max Meditation Method led by Sarah and April in July. It was an enlightening and eye-opening experience. I didn’t know how much I needed this training!
I felt an almost immediate change in my ability to concentrate and manage stress. With each day that passed throughout our challenge, I found myself looking forward to setting aside time just for me. I loved that the challenge allowed for a connection with fellow participants in the community, and the accessibility of the program worked well with my schedule.
As a leader of people, I had to remember to nurture and care for myself in order to be effective in my service to others; the meditation challenge hosted by retailu is a great step in a self-care practice, deepening the connection to self, which in turn deepens the connections to others. " 

Katherine Barthel
Senior District Manger, Levi's

Why now? Because 'tis the season to get your calm back...

If not now, then when?
It is even more important to put self-care at the top of your list. If you are working from home and feeling overwhelmed, imagine how you will feel as it gets closer to the holidays...

 Longer nights and colder weather stops us from getting outside and having the intentionality to have more balance. This is a way for you to get through the next 30 days supported and stress-free.

After the success of our last challenge, we have partnered with Sarah Hauch again to bring an easy step-by-step guide for businesses and individuals to get started.

 Sarah has created a series of easy meditations to get you started on this gratifying and essential practice in this course.

Think of meditation like anything else; the more you practice, the better you become and the more accountability partners you have, the more persistent you will be!

If you are a retailu annual subscriber, this course is on your account.
We will be emailing all details to you!

This was us hosting the last meditation challenge back in the summer of 2020.
It was sooo much fun ..we are back.

This challenge is starting JULY 1st. 
Don't miss out on Sarah and April Live...

So what do you get in this course?

You will receive the following: 

  • A daily 10, 20, 30-minute pre-recorded meditation series that you can access at any time. (Value over $330)
  • Lifetime access to the course to continue your meditation journey. (invaluable)
  • A workbook with a tracker to journal your daily insights. (Value $99)
  • Three videos to explain the difference between meditation and mindfulness. (value $99)
  • A step-by-step instructional guide.What the Max Meditation Method of Meditation is. (Value $65)

About the course creator

Sarah Hauch is an international meditation and wellness coach. Sarah is also a published author and owns a wellness center. Before starting her center, Sarah worked for Linkedin. She has also created one of the most renowned wellness programs for huge growth companies and helped organizations focus on employee health and wellness.
 Earlier this year, Sarah created a wellness course for retailu to help the retail community de-stress.
 She lives a busy life, a wife, businesswoman, healer and mom. Meditation healed her life, and it can help you too!


As if that wasn't enough, we are including the following bonuses.
New to retailu? Grab another top retailu course— Building resilience for lifetime access.

  • One hour interview with Sarah and April - Priceless:)
  • A one-hour meditation not previously included (value $39)
  • Marco Polo App live support for 30 days (value $495)
  • retailu "Building Resilience" course (Value $29.99)

 "The meditation program was really life-changing. Little did I know that  by meditating, I could improve my entire body, from my stress to weight control and sleeping... Not only were we exposed to the numerous benefits of meditation, but also through the meditation challenge, we fostered a place of sharing and acceptance where we could - as a group - learn and apply guided meditation to our busy professional lives. The biggest take away has been to always give yourself some time - whatever time you have - just for you - to reconnect, reset and refocus. Thank you, Sarah and retailu for this amazing program - while dealing with stress and change during these unprecedented times, the guided meditation has been a very important step on the way I deal with the complexities of my job - breath in, breath out, and relax.." 

Victor  Andrade
Service Experience Manager Nordstrom Rack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We run the challenge on the Marco Polo App; it is not live. We post live support messages daily and interact with participants and answer questions as they come up. This means that it works in your schedule. There is no need to stress and think you are missing a call. We understand you are busy; this is why we use the Marco Polo App to communicate. It is like a virtual voice mail.

We believe so as we have experienced it in our own life. However, it really is a combination of many factors. But we know if you add meditation into your life permanently, you will feel better. Our goal is to create a habit with you in 30 days. We don't judge anyone. You are safe to be yourself. If you miss a day, show yourself compassion.

Sure, if you take the entire course and stick to the challenge and you still find it didn't help, we will honor you and refund you in full. We know, though, that you will want to use this over and over again.

You have access to these meditations for life. So feel free to build them into your routine and stick around in the retailu community.

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We are bringing back the Wellness Challenge.
You will also get Building Resilience retailu online course for leaders for lifetime access. This course has 6 micro-videos and worksheets.
This is brought to you by retailu. This is a total value of $1158 

All of this for only


Yes I need to master my mind and get some balance back in my life!