What if you could supercharge your leadership skills, get a ton of resources and tools without paying lots of money and we could save you time by having it all in one place?

Hi, I am April Sabral, Founder of and your number one cheerleader 

On the left (first picture), this is me when I was a store manager at Starbucks back in the UK, and on the right 20 years later when I was the Vice President of a national retail chain in Canada. When I started in retail it was a Part Time job, I never dreamed I would be a Vice President and now own my own company, I did't even go onto further education but that's an entire different story, and if you decide to become part of our community I will share more about that later on.

When I was looking for leadership development for my team, I couldn't find it.
Just look at my screen shot that was taken of LinkedIn Learning below.
LinkedIn and Udemy don't have a retail course section?
Even though retail is the third higest employment sector in the world...crazy right?
Or if I could find leadership development, it was way to complicated long documents, and webinars that were way toooo long...anything over 10 minutes in the world of retail feels like a marathon.


Appologies for the photo's but I took them on my iphone at my computer to
 illustrate how there are no retail leadership courses???
I want you to see this.

I remember my one-minute meetings, huddle, dailydownloads when I worked in stores and thought if we could make some awesome leadership development courses that literaly are under 15 minutes how
beneficial could that be to retail managers?

So Jane and myself, set out to make it reality. We created what we like to call the fifteen-minute method. (or less)
Because we both worked in stores, and understand what's it's like to lack the support, tools and resources needed and also recognizing that you are juggling multiple priorties.
 We wanted to make it easy, fun, and AFFORDABLE for you to learn. And not those long boring text heavy courses with too much information that you don't need.
We wanted you to get access on your mobile so that you can learn anywhere.

This is me and Jane, we met working in retail over 12 years ago.

I took everything I have trained, coached and mentored over my 25 year retail career and turned it into an online learning platform for retail managers.


Because,the number one request I heard when I visited stores, was this...I wish I had more development


  • Can never find five minutes for yourself?
  • Struggling with finding the right tools and resources?
  • Struggling with developing your team members? 
  • You do everything yourself, and get burnt out?
  • Not sure how to have that difficult conversation, that you know you need to have?
  • You got promoted without the proper training?
  • Great talent keeps leaving your team for other opportunities, and you're not sure why?
  • You feel your coaching skills are good but could be better?
  • You feel conflicted when your team comes to you with personal issues, between showing empathy and managing/focusing on work tasks?
  • Do you keep asking this question, "What can we do to drive sales?" and not sure what yo do?
  • You respect your boss and love your company, but don't always feel your getting the development and support you need?

We get it, because we have been there.

When you don't have time and money, it is tough.
Especially when you are new to managment.
Even if youv'e been a manager for years, wouldn't it be amazing if you had a tool box to train and develop other managers? That was acutally helpful?


Here is one thing I learned, when you develop better leadership skills, you feel more confident in your life and job. Top Leaders are Learners, Top Managment across the world put learning and developing themselves at the top of thier list. Do you know why? Because succesful people are always growing. You will always find me reading or watching a YouTube video learning about something. It helps me pass it on to others. Now is the time to up level your skills, less retailers and the market will be tough and getting tougher.

Wouldn't it be good if someone asked you what you have done to improve your skills? And you said retailu online courses!


or what we like to call LOD which means learn one thing a day framework, not leader on duty!

Watch a retailu video

retailu  video lessons are under 5 mintues
Audio, Text and Visuallly appealing

Complete a knowledge check

Test your knowledge with a fun fast multiple quiz

Take Action

Complete an activity on the floor with your team.These are retail relevant, like a store walk through, a coaching conversation or hold a managment meeting just to name a few

Show off your certificate and your skills on LiknkedIn.
Here's how it works
  • Access our top 5 retailu online courses (worth $120) for life time access
  • Using our 5-minute method video lessons & audio learn new skills
  • Workbook /Coaching guides with practical activities, assessments and more value $199
  • PDF templates value $199
  • Multiple choice quizzes to validate learning FUN
  • Audio files and scripts of coaching conversations hear how coaching and conflict converations sound when done right
  • retailu certificates you can add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Access to the retailu community page *talk to like-minded people and get the support you need
Here's what you will learn
  • Coaching Skills and giving fact based feedback
  • Communication skills, like empathy, listening and much more
  • How to build your LinkedIn profile
  • How to master and manage Conflict with the WIN formula
  • How to hold quality meetings and conference calls
  • How to manage and build effective teams
  • How to manage poor performers
  • How to demonstrate Empahty and listening skills
  • How to stay positive and inspire your team through difficult times
  • How to assess different types of communicators 
  • How to diffuse conflict between others
  • And lot's more we can't fit on this page!

Courses included in this AWESOME offer

The Art of Conflict Management

Learn how to use our 3-step formula to manage conflict. Be the master of diffusing conflict with customers and your team.

Building Resilience

Build a positive mindset, learn how to manage the unknown and build your leadership skills to help your team do the same.

Principles of Communication

Learn the four different styles of communication, with a bonus video on how to show Empathy. Included in this course is a communciation assessment.

How to build High Perfoming Teams

Learn how to build a diverse team and why this matters. Understand what it takes to build effective teams that deliver results.

Using LinkedIn like a Boss

Learn how to build your personal brand and an engaged network on
LinkedIn. Find talent and much more.

These courses are normally part of retailu's annual subscription, and are never sold alone.
This is a one time offer, that you won't see again.
We are giving you access to our TOP FIVE leadership courses for life so that you can learn at your own pace and have the support you need.

These are real managers just like you.
Hear what they have to say.

 "retailu is a great tool that delivers important information without taking lots of time to complete.  I’ve been able to identify quite a few areas for improvement in myself just from this resource making me more aware of how I approach certain situations. Love it!" 

Claudie Turcotte
DM Ardene QC

  "These courses are exactly what we needed and are so consistent with the support. I’m so excited to get back to my team at the store. Thank you retailu for being there for us!”

Amber Hamilin
Store Manager, Pandora, CA

 "retailu is the best education program online and also offers an inclusive community of support." 

Elise Tremblay
Events Manager
 MAC Cosmetics CA

  "The courses were great! and easy to navigate.  I was able to learn new ways of approaching my team and further my leadership skills.  The great thing is that I can choose which courses I'm interested in, take as many as I'd like and not break the bank!
Thanks  RetailU!"

Vinny Appa
SM Pandora, CA

We know you like a good deal you work in retail...

This offer expires in 24 hours, so don't wait to long.
If you're not ready yet, that's ok too, you must be a leader that loves to learn, coach and mentor and be ready to LOD, (learn one thing a day.)


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"As a Senior Regional Director leading a large and diverse retail managerial team across Canada, I can assure you that there is nothing out there that comes even close to RetailU in terms of efficiency, diversity of content and relevance, delivering an instant big return on a small investment.
I’ve been looking for years for such quality content and the feedback from my team is unanimous, these courses are awesome and so on point for anyone wanting to consolidate and expand their leadership and retail skills. My team and I highly recommend RetailU, any leader wanting to offer an additional edge to their team should provide them with access immediately ! And if you want to learn or perfect any aspects of retailing, it’s the best thing out there to further your career, I highly recommend it !
Paul LeBlanc, Senior Regional Director of Sales and Operations, ARDENE Canada."

Paul LeBlanc, Senior Regional Director of Sales and Operations, ARDENE Canada.